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Forbes Disability Group endeavors to provide disabled persons with competent representation so that they can have the best opportunity to obtain Social Security Disability. For people who are sick or hurt, disability benefits may be the only way to obtain income on which to live.

Applicants often give up after they are denied at the first or second level before they ever get to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. However, it is at the hearing level where many applicants succeed. Our philosophy is "Don't give up! Appeal!" A representative can assist the applicant in gathering and presenting medical and other evidence, and in obtaining witnesses. The proper gathering and presentation of evidence can make the difference between winning and losing.




The information contained on this Web site is general in nature and for general information purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon. The circumstances of each person's case are different and how the law precisely applies to a given situation can only be determined by an experienced Social Security Disability representative. The law is constantly changing which means that information on a Web site can become quickly out-dated. As a result, information obtained over the internet should be discussed personally with your representative. This information may be considered advertising material. The hiring of a representative is an important decision that should not be based soley on advertising. The information contained on this Web site does not create an representative-client relationship. The representative-client relationship is is established upon the entering into a written agreement of representation. Finally, all reasonable efforts will be made to preserve the privacy of your information. However, the privacy of your information cannot be guaranteed because of the possibility of third party interception while the information is being electronically transmitted over the internet. If you have privacy concerns, your are more then welcome to mail your information to the Forbes Disability Group through the United States Post Office.
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