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Fear of hospitalization keeps men from talking about suicide

“Fear of psychiatric hospitalization is one of the primary reasons that older men — an age and gender group at high risk for suicide — don’t talk about suicide with their physicians.”

Scientists Define “Very Low Level” of Exercise That Lowers Risk of Death

“An analysis in The British Medical Journal reports that incredibly short amounts of very easy exercise can have powerful effects.”

“Activities like gardening, walking, or dancing in a non-vigorous, leisurely way for 10 minutes to an hour per week was associated with an 18-percent lower risk of death compared to people who did nothing.”

Blunting pain’s emotional component

“Chronic pain involves more than just hurting. People suffering from pain often experience sadness, depression and lethargy. That’s one reason opioids can be so addictive — they not only dampen the pain but also make people feel euphoric.”