Vocational Rehabilitation is a state program whose purpose is to help unemployed

and/or disabled persons find jobs. Typically, an unemployed or disabled person meets with a

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. The Counselor looks at a person’s education, skills, and

job history and then comes up with a plan that will help that person get back into the work

force. Sometimes, in order to put together a plan, the Counselor will have the person take

some tests, such as job interest tests, aptitude tests, IQ tests, and/or psychological tests.


The plan may include job placement at lighter jobs or at less skilled jobs. The plan may

include educational opportunities such as learning a new trade, obtaining a GED, or college

classes. Usually, if the plan recommends further education, the state will pay for that

education. Also, if the plan recommends accommodations such as equipment to help the

disabled person work, the state will pay for that equipment.

If you go through Vocational Rehabilitation and they find you a job and you like the

job, you may not need Social Security Disability benefits.


If you go through Vocational Rehabilitation and they cannot find you a job, then the

fact they could not find you a job will help prove disability in your Social Security Disability



As a result, I recommend that you go through Vocational Rehabilitation. The

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor often meets with people in their county of residence.


Website for Indiana www.in.gov/fssa

Website for Ohio www.ood.ohio.gov/Core-Services/BVR


FORBES DISABILITY GROUP, PO Box 374, Angola, Indiana 46703 Tel: (260) 665-1002

.pdf available here: Vocational Rehabilitation