Most applications for Social Security Disability take months if not years to reach approval. During the process it is important to reach out to ALL of the resources available to you so that you can survive the application process.

First, you should look at your basic needs (food, housing, medical, bills etc…) as a point to begin with. Make a list or ask someone you trust to assist you in determining your priorities. Then proceed with each item on your list.

You can find sources of assistance by calling 211 which has a list of agencies in your area and the services which they provide. Contact the local Family Social Services Agency or the local welfare office to determine what service they can assist with such as insurance or other contacts you should make.

If you are concerned about housing contact the local housing authority, homeless shelter or other agencies to learn what housing opportunities are available. You may want to apply for housing as soon as possible because many housing agencies have waiting list.

Additional sources that you should contact are the township trustee, Bright Point (CANI), food pantries, churches, local charities, Lion’s Club, Shriners, veteran’s organizations, free health clinics and other organizations which may help you or direct you to another source. Enlist the help of your family and friends.

Most of all keep looking for potential resources that may be available. Keep in mind that many others were able to find the assistance which they needed to get through this process. You can too.


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