Often we are asked the question: Can my Doctor write something to help my case? Sometimes it is brought to our attention this way: My Doctor said he would support my case. He wanted to know if you could send him something.

There are two facts of life in relation to written Doctor statements.  First, if a Doctor’s written statement is worded properly and has a sound medical basis, then it could help your case. Second, if a Doctor’s opinion is worded poorly or contains negative information or if it contains work limitations that suggest you can work, then it could kill your case.

Because of these facts of life, do not ask your Doctor to write a statement for you. If your representative or attorney believes that a Doctor’s written statement could help, then your representative or attorney will contact your Doctor to discuss the matter before the Doctor puts it in writing. This is usually done after all the medical records have been reviewed. But, it is only done if there is a good chance that it will help your case.

Remember a statement from a Doctor must be filed with Social Security once it is put in writing. A poorly worded, inadequate, or negative statement could severely damage your case. Do not be eager. Do not pressure your Doctor. A top level representative or attorney knows what strategy has the best chance of succeeding.